Arnaud Sabard

Arnaud Sabard & Hayley Westenra

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Arnaud Sabard with Hayley Westenra

Arnaud Sabard is a French sound engineer who live (Unknown).
Who work on Hayley Westenra Crew doing her Singing Tour as a sound engineer.
Arnaud Sabard is not a celebrities and have no public appearance on News Interview.


Arnaud Sabard Family's has never been speak of in public.
There no Family Picture Online at all.
There no Family Information of Arnaud Sabard.

Web Information

"There No Web Information"
Arnaud Sabard don't have IMDb Profile.
Arnaud Sabard don't have Web Site.
Arnaud Sabard don't have Facebook.
Arnaud Sabard don't have Twitter Account...
Arnaud Sabard have Nothing Online......
There no information of Arnaud Sabard anywhere on the internet...


Arnaud Sabard proposal to Hayley Westenra on the 1st of January 2012 but our guess she did not say "YES".
We think that Arnaud Sabard had force her to say yes after a long hiding relationship that fan's of Hayley's never knew about.
Hayley Westenra been hideing Arnaud Sabard (aka boyfriend) befoer her engagement before the 1st of January 2012 and that was not right at all.
Arnaud Sabard is not a celebrities (aka non-singer or non-actor) and Hayley Westenra is not to marry someone who not a celebrities.
Arnaud Sabard have no public appearance on News Interview and we never know him at all.
Hayley Westenra been engaged 1 years and 10 month now as it October 2013 without wedding plan yet.
All fan's of Hayley Westenra from USA and Canada are worry about Hayley westenra on who she engaged with because no one know who is Arnaud Sabard.
The true are on the internet because there no information of Arnaud Sabard as he don't have a web site, imdb profile, facebook, twitter account, and other known site.
By the law of the Hollywood Main Acting Studio and Other World Acting Studio, Hayley Westenra have to return the engagement ring to Arnaud Sabard and start over...
It for Hayley westenra own Safty......

About Engagement Ring

The engagement ring the Hayley Westenra is wearing is reported cheap.
It look like it under $2,000 or maybe $1,000.
Hayley Westenra should re-think this and return the engagement ring and start over again.

Please look at the engagement ring on her finger:

Hayley Westenra at after Party

Hayley's Engagement Ring3 (Full Pic)

Now you see the cheap engagement ring that Arnaud Sabard have give to Hayley Westenra.
Please look at the picture closer, It look like it under $2,000. That is not a celebrities type engagement ring.
A celebrities type engagement ring is $2,000 or Over.
Arnaud Sabard is a French sound engineer (Stage Worker) and a Stage Worker has low or a reg paid work.
Arnaud Sabard is not a celebrities (None-Actor Or None Singer)....

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"There None"
Arnaud Sabard have no Web Site
Arnaud Sabard have no IMDb Profile
Arnaud Sabard have no Facebook
Arnaud Sabard have no Twitter Account

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